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Power Watch IndiaThese are exciting times for the Indian power sector. Reform and restructuring have started taking shape in a sector that was traditionally a bastion of the state. Major institutions such as regulatory authorities and Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) have been set up, and activities such as power trading kick started. While progress has been significant, a lot remains to be accomplished. This is where PowerWatch India (PWI) comes in as a magazine. For a sector where private equity and the private sector’s active participation have just about started flowing in, it is very important for all stakeholders to have access to accurate, up-to-date information for making the right value decisions. As a stakeholder in the sector itself – we do not like to call ourselves a magazine – PWI seeks to position itself as an industry player, catalyzing progress in India-s energy space at every step. This is a vision we seek to share with every one of our readers – a vision that will take us forward in establishing a unique identity for ourselves.

Online version

To position PowerWatch India as a catalyst of change in India’s rapidly changing energy space.Visit www.powerwatchindia.com for more.

Fulfilling the vision

PWI is not just another business magazine in the energy domain. A trade magazine with a difference, we consider it imperative to focus on what the industry has to say, rather than carry a unilateral view from the editorial perspective.
From Power Prospect – a thoroughly researched section covering the entire value chain of a new project/venture; to tête-à-tête – an exclusive interview with a senior power sector professional, albeit in a light chatty tone; to Green Ahead – where we trace the sector’s renewable initiatives, every single section in the magazine will find an instant connect with the reader.

The Team

R Srinivasan  (Editor)

Girish Mallya (Publisher)

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