Auto Components India

Auto Components India, is the fourth automotive title from Next Gen Publishing which also brings out Car India, Bike India and CV magazine.As the name denotes, the new magazine will primarily focus on the end-to-end value chain of the automotive components industry and allied segments such as machine tools, service tools, testing equipment, consumables and IT. In covering these sectors, ACI does not exactly neglect OEMs. Under the ‘technology’ and ‘innovation’ sections, recently launched vehicles are analysed with respect to contribution from vendors.

Do send us your views and comments. ACI aims to offer a 360-degree perspective of the industry. In this 2.0 world, more often than not, it will be you who will tell us what you want to read and hopefully, write for us as well. One of the ways to get in touch with us is through our spanking new website

The Team

Executive Editor : Ashish Bhatia 
Publisher : Marzban Jasoomani

T3 India

Technology is evolving at a really fast pace and if you like to be abreast with the latest happenings, T3 is what you should be reading. T3, short for Tomorrow’s Technology Today, aims to bring the best of technology in a concise and crisp format with the focus on the products.

Licensed from Future PLC, T3 is one of the premier magazines in UK and is now available for purchase in India. The Indian edition not only features what’s hot and trendy in the domestic market but also gives a peek at the upcoming technology and innovations around the world.

Wait, there’s more! Our website ensures you can be in the loop with the latest tech news and makes it easier for you to track it, thanks to our mobile-responsive design.

If an app is what you’re more comfortable with, we will also have a dedicated Android and an iOS app soon.

The Team

Executive Editor Kunal Gangar
Publisher Girish Mallya

Mother and Baby India

After more than 50 years of being the mum’s best friend in the UK, and successful editions in Australia, Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Spain and Thailand, Mother&Baby has arrived to add value to the lives of Indian parents! Reassuring, reliable and reader-friendly, it’s already finding a fan following among expecting mums and mothers to children between the ages of 0 and 5.

The Look :
Cheerful, international, pleasing to the eye, heart-warming, easy to read, visual.

The feel:
Warm, upbeat, informative, interesting, proactive.

The five-point vision:

  • 1.To celebrate motherhood at every step through positive articles and inspiring, beautifully shot pictures.
  • 2.To be the reader’s friend and hold her hand through the most trying times.
  • 3.To devote time and energy (which the pregnant woman or new mother does not have) to get expert advice, be on the cutting edge of baby and product news, and give it to the mother in an easy-to- read format.
  • 4.To make the mother feel like she belongs to a mum’s club, which offers personal insights from other mothers instead of being coldly clinical.
  • 5.To be the quick, one-stop consultant for everything related to pregnancy, birth and child care.The typical Mother & Baby reader seeks :
  • 1.Accurate information that’s suitable to the Indian context.
  • 2.Advice on various issues.
  • 3.Connectivity to other mothers and their experiences.
  • 4.An update on all that’s happening in the baby world.
  • 5.Product recommendations.

In the fast-paced lives that all of us lead today, it may be tough to reach out and catch up with other mums who are going through similar situations. Mother&Baby’s emphasis on being a magazine for ‘mums like you and me’ gives readers a sense of belonging to a Mums’ Club of sorts. A place where you can voice your concerns, vent your frustrations, gush about your littlest triumphs and look for encouragement from other mums just like yourselves!

Online Version
Mother & Baby has an online extension which goes beyond the print magazine, it aims to provide a whole host of interactive tools and multimedia content for its readers, to engage with the Mother and Baby team team and other expecting and new mothers. Visit for more.

The Team
Editor Swati Chopra Vikamsey
Publisher Stephen Cyril D’Lima

The Ideal Home & Garden

We are house proud. And home loving.And that’s what we are hoping The Ideal Home and Garden will reflect. The happiness, the contentment and the peace we talk about in the magazine are all part of the emotion we feel for our home. With work occupying centre stage in most of our lives, home has become that much more rare, and so, more precious. It has come to stand for everything that work isn’t. Familiarity, comfort, privacy, luxury, relaxation, recreation, personal space. Having said that, we’d also like to emphasis that The Ideal Home and Garden isn’t only about interiors – to label it that would be unfair. It would, sadly, narrow its scope. In essence, we are all about good, comfortable, wholesome living – the magazine covers all the pieces of living that go in to make the picture complete. It is all about the home (inside and out of it) and the life you lead around it.
Homes around the country (city apartments, country homes, holiday cottages, quaint bungalows in not-so-busy bylanes), gardens (from balcony trimmings and indoor plants to well-manicured lawns and terrace conservatories), market information, great gadgets, handy appliances, good things to do this season, value-for-money shopping (at home and abroad), gastronomic indulgence, house fashion, do-it-yourself delights, easy makeover suggestions and lots of tips, trends, ideas and advice are all a part of this pleasure parcel.
We intend to reflect a lot of the market trends along with creating and setting a few good ones of our own – to inspire and excite our readers as well as the market that caters to them. Through the magazine, we provide our readers access to a voracious marketplace, the ultimate consumer’s dream. Finally to put it all in a nutshell, the endeavour is to capture a way of life that everybody aspires to. One where everything is beautiful. And at the end of the day, we’d like to believe that we’re creating great lifestyles.

Visit for more.

The Team

Ruhi Singh (Executive Editor)
Stephen Cyril D’Lima (Publisher)

Smart Photography

Unlike other photography magazines, Smart Photography has to its credit names that have been synonymous with defining and recognizing benchmarks in the industry. Not only do we understand the importance of this wonderful art form, we have also been instrumental in introducing the world’s first and finest technologies to this part of the continent. Finally, the one facet that sets us apart, is our unbiased and true-to-the-core equipment reviews that have not only helped photographers decide their essential tools, but have also proved a source of constructive feedback for manufacturers.
So, what happens when all these passionate and dedicated people come together under one roof? The result is an inimitable photo magazine that is all set to redefine the world of photography and imaging!

Online Version

Smart Photography has an online extension which goes beyond the print magazine, it aims to provide a whole host of interactive tools and multimedia content for its viewers, to engage with the Smart Photography team and fellow photography enthusiasts. Visit for more.

Our Objective

As you may be aware, quality is second nature to us. However, we would like to reiterate that we are a part of the photographic fraternity and hence stay truly committed towards the expansion of the Indian photographic industry, in addition to spreading the knowledge associated with the art form.

Our Mission

In addition to addressing the imaging needs of today’s budding photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, Smart Photography will act as a catalyst in the growth and prosperity of South Asia’s imaging industry. It will also set the highest standards in photographic journalism seen in our part of the world and will truly represent the industry vis–vis the government and other institutions.

The Team

Hoshang S Billimoria (Editor)
Girish Mallya (Publisher )

Commercial Vehicle

From a low-profile, functionality first aspect the Indian Commercial Vehicle industry has made startling progress to become the cynosure of many a global major’s eyes. However this success story has seldom received the attention it deserves. Not only does the path breaking Commercial Vehicle attempt to set the record straight, it represents a hat-trick of sorts for Next Gen’s automotive division. Joining forces with Car India and Bike, Commercial Vehicle will provide clear, in-depth and differentiated content for readers across the spectrum of the automotive industry.

With its team of dedicated professionals who clearly understand what makes the industry tick, the magazine will span the entire Commercial Vehicle universe. The coverage will not be restricted to trucks, buses, utility vehicles three-wheelers and tractors. We understand that the serious player in the industry also needs to know about components, logistics, infrastructure and construction equipment. Readers will further find the road tests, interactions with key industry players, user tips and international perspectives much to their liking.
Commercial Vehicle has a very able man at the helm-Bhushan Mhapralkar. As one of the doyens of Indian automotive journalism, his expertise provides a ready head start for the new magazine.

Commercial Vehicle is a business magazine with a difference. The 360-degree value proposition of the magazine is aptly delivered with a healthy mix of business reporting and user-focused content. It also is available online

To be the voice of the Indian Commercial Vehicle industry. We will do whatever it takes to attain that position and retain it .

Bhushan Mhapralkar (Editor)
Marzban Jasoomani (Publisher)

Car India

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world’s best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of CAR India. Explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. Full to the brim with spectacular international stories, fantastic Indian features and the hows and why about motorsport the world over, CAR India is for the insightful. Stories coupled with incisive analysis take the reader behind the scenes to explain the “Why” behind the “What,” all this accompanied by stunning visuals courtesy award-winning design and publicity. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels. At the helm of CAR India is the very experienced Aspi Bhathena, one of the most respected names in the Indian and international motoring journalism.

Online Version

CAR India has an online extension which goes beyond the print magazine, it aims to provide a whole host of interactive tools and multimedia content for its viewers, to engage with the CAR India team and fellow automobile enthusiasts. Visit for more.

Our Objective

CAR India prides itself in being an enthusiasts’ magazine. It calls a spade a spade. Our objective is to enthrall the reader with imaginative stories and features, month after month. We will go anywhere, and any distance to drive a car.

Our Mission

With its authoritative features, breathtaking visuals, award-winning design and vibrant colours, CAR India is set to redefine motoring journalism in the country.

The Team

Aspi Bhathena (Editor)
Marzban Jasoomani (Publisher)

Bike India

For long, India, the world’s second largest two-wheeler market has been deprived of a dedicated two-wheeler magazine. The first of its kind, BIKE India has fixed that urge with a truly adrenaline-pumping passion magazine that caters as much to the super-bike fanatic as to man-on-the-road commuter. Dedicated in its entirety to the country’s burgeoning biker community, the magazine is emerging as a biker’s bible, not just in India, but across Asia.

Fuelling the passion that pervades the biking scene in the country, BIKE India is produced by hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in motorcycling and its associated culture. It is a magazine that respects, and also encourages huge amounts of reader participation in its features, in a way allowing every reader to identify with its character.

BIKE India is headed by Aspi Bhathena, a man with a formidable reputation in the biking industry.

Online Version

BIKE India has an online extension which goes beyond the print magazine, it aims to provide a whole host of interactive tools and multimedia content for its viewers, to engage with the BIKE India team and fellow biking enthusiasts. Visit for more.

Our Objective

BIKE India will cover the two-wheeler industry in its entirety, both from the local and the international perspective. Our staffers will reach anywhere in the world to ride a bike that is of interest to the readers. Our experienced team will impart knowledge and information to readers to make motorcycling an even more enjoyable form of personal transport than it already is.

Our Mission

BIKE India will deliver the most definitive verdict on machinery and performance by explaining the hows, whys, and whats on every new bike in a lucid and user-friendly manner. It will be India’s most authoritative two-wheeler publication, a magazine for people with a passion for bikes and everything to do with their history and heritage.

The Team

Aspi Bhathena (Editor)
Marzban Jasoomani (Publisher)